Monday 27th of July

Arrival of competitors and horses

08.00 Stables open

08.00 Show office open

10.00 Training

18.00 Opening ceremony in Lund


Tuesday 28th of July

08.30 Horse inspection

10.30 Official Training

13.00 Declaration of starters

16.00 Chef d’equipe meeting and draw of starting order


Wednesday 29th of July

08.00 Official training

13.00 Individual female junior compulsory

16.00 Individual male junior compulsory

17.00 Squad junior compulsory

18.00 Pas-de-deux junior freestyle


Thursday 30th of July 

08.30 Individual female senior compulsory

10.30 Individual male senior compulsory

13.00 Squad senior compulsory

16.00 Individual male junior freestyle

17.00 Individual female junior freestyle

17.00 Declaration of starters Nations cup

19.30 Squad junior freestyle


Friday 31th of July

09.00 Individual male junior compulsory

09.45 Individual female junior compulsory

10.45 Pas-de-deux senior freestyle

11.15 Free test Senior Female non NC

13.00 Free test Senior Male non NC

13.40 Free test Senior Squad non NC

15.00 Nations Team

18.30 Prize giving ceremony Nations Team

20.00 Nations Evening


Saturday 1th of August 

08.30 Individual male technical test

09.30 Individual female technical test

10.30 Pas-de-deux junior freestyle

13.00 Individual female junior freestyle

14.30 Individual male junior freestyle

16.00 Squad junior freestyle

18.00 Prize giving ceremony Junior Championships


Sunday 2nd of August

09.00 Individual female senior freestyle

10.30 Individual male senior freestyle

13.00 Pas-de-deux senior freestyle

14.00 Squad senior freestyle

16.30 Prize giving ceremony Senior Championships