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The combined World and European Vaulting Championships to be held at Flyinge, Sweden, July 29 – August 2 2020 have had to be cancelled.

The decision to cancel the Championships is due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation and the restrictions issued both internationally and by Swedish authorities. The decision is made by the Vaulting 2020 Organizing Committee, supported by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

– It is so sad to see that the FEI Vaulting Championships for Seniors and Juniors in Flyinge have fallen victim to the Covid-19 pandemic, FEI Vaulting Director Bettina De Rham says. But we totally understand the reasons behind the decision and are aware how much soul-searching has gone into it. We know that this news will be a huge disappointment to the Vaulting community and beyond, but despite this, we are confident that the FEI flag will fly over the wonderful facilities at Flyinge again before long.

Many countries still have restrictions on exercising, training horses and travelling. Competitions are not allowed and larger crowds may not gather. The overall circumstances are not yet safe enough for hosting a big and fair sports event.

– We are very sorry to have to cancel this event, says Ted Velander, President of the Organizing Committee. We have been working so hard on this since we got the nomination three years ago, and we have put up such an experienced and devoted staff to run all areas of the event. Furthermore, Flyinge is a great venue for this kind of Championship with a true equestrian ambience and all facilities available.

Also the Swedish Equestrian Federation regrets but supports the decision to cancel. – It is always regrettable to have to cancel a Championship, especially in a discipline that attracts so many young athletes. The Organizing Committee has put a lot of hard work into preparing the Championship, and we hope to be able to come back with new plans in the future, says Ulf Brömster, President of the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

Tickets sold will be refunded by the ticket administrator – And then we hope to have the confidence from the FEI to be able to arrange a Vaulting Championship in the near future again, once the frightful pandemic situation has calmed down. Our staff remains prepared, says Ted Velander. 

Flyinge May 7 2020


Photo: Roland Thunholm
This Summer Sweden is hosting the World and European Vaulting Championships at Flyinge.
This weekend the Swedish Team Svea is performing their Cirque de Soleil Free Style before a numerous crowd at the Gothenburg International Horse Show.
A press meeting will follow the performance.
Back row: Rickard, Kevin, Peter, Annika, Heidi, Sophia, Ted and Ulrika.
Middle row: Alice, Johanna, Erica, Monika, Petra, Maria, Kerstin and Pernilla.
In front: Lars and Björn.
Missing: Axel, Per, Anna, Josefin, Olivia, Jonas and Helena

Vaulting 2020 - we are the crew!

The World and European Championships in Vaulting 2020 are held at the world’s oldest National Stud at Flyinge, close to Malmö in South Sweden.
Our staff of the Organizing Committee is working with dedication in all the sectors – from Arena and Stables via Accommodation to Show Office and Media.
Let us wish you very, very welcome this Summer, and let us all join together to make these Championships a most memorable event!
Welcome to Flyinge and Vaulting 2020!